Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Personal enhancement options have always been around. People are constantly trying to improve themselves by use of cosmetics, dieting, and exercising. Cosmetic and plastic surgery is an option for those who have the funds to afford them, and they are very much unhappy with a particular feature that they wish to fix.

History of Plastic Surgery

There is no exact date for when the first plastic surgery was carried out. But some of the earliest forms of plastic surgery were said to have started in India around 500 BC. At this time, doctors were already able to use skin grafts from various parts of the body to augment the earlobes and foreheads of many victims of mutilation. At the turn of the 20th century, the main purpose of plastic surgery was to reconstruct damaged tissues from casualties of war, as well as help persons with deformities to live normal lives.

Reasons for Plastic Surgery

At present time, plastic surgery has evolved beyond that of repairing skin abnormalities, as it has now been used to serve aesthetic purposes for many patients. These plastic surgery treatments can alternatively be filed under the practice of cosmetic surgery, because the common purpose for undergoing such treatment depends on beauty enhancement. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there was an estimated 11.5 million people who have undergone either surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2005 alone, with women accounting for over 90% of that number. Although the reason for undergoing a plastic surgery are varied, they all commonly boil down to one- enhancement of one's beauty. Some other reasons are:

1. Looking young
2. To look better and hence feel better
3. To remove scars
4. Professional requirements

Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Some of the most common plastic surgery procedures include: liposuction, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and abdominoplasty.


Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a common and well-known procedure. Most people who undergo this procedure are pleased with the results, and are better able to breathe through their nose. Rhinoplasty involves reshaping of the nose by means of a synthetic implant.

Plastic Surgery for the Breasts

Plastic surgery can either be for enhancement or reduction of breast size. Plastic surgery breast implants is most widely used by women who have a regular size bust, but wish to bump it up one more size. Silicone implants are the commonly used options for this. This process is also known as plastic surgery breast augmentation.

Plastic surgery breast reduction is a great option for larger-breasted women who suffer from neck, back and shoulder pains due to the weight. Breast reduction will reduce the pain, straighten posture, and save women money by allowing them to buy bras that are smaller in size. Bras that increase in size, increase in price.

Men are not excluded from this procedure. In some men, the breast tissue grows large due to any number of reasons; some of which are obesity, aging, cancer, or certain medications. Breast tissue reduction is available for sufferers who are embarrassed of their condition, and wish to be free of it.

Plastic Surgery Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that involves vacuuming out of excessive dermal fat, and tightening the skin to make a person appear thinner. Liposuction can be performed on the thighs, buttocks or abdomen, neck, arms etc. Liposuction is not a weight loss technique that replaces workouts or exercise. The process is not without risk. Sometimes the body becomes uneven or forming lumps if a lot of fat is removed. Also more the amount of fat removed, the more is the risk involved.


Blepharoplasty is the surgical adjustment of the skin on the eyelids or below the eyes, tightening the skin and giving the patient a youthful appearance.


Abdominoplasty is commonly known as a tummy tuck, wherein abdominal fat is vacuumed out, and the skin on the waist and navel area is tightened, leaving the patient with a slimmer waistline.

Non Invasive Plastic Surgery

Some non-surgical cosmetic treatments are: Botox injections, microdermabrasion, and laser hair removal.


Botox is another common procedure, but on a smaller scale. Botox is short for botulinum toxin, which is a protein derived from a species of bacteria. This is a common treatment for getting rid of wrinkles, and is widely used because the procedure is fast and simple. It involves the injection of botox in small quantities to a certain area of the face that the patient wants addressed, in order to tighten the tissues and skin around it. It relaxes the muscles by blocking muscle contractions associated with facial expressions, and lines disappear three days after injection. These injections are becoming very well known, and numerous professionals in the film industry use botox to keep up the appearance of youth. It’s become so popular that there have known to be botox parties, where a physician comes to a party and injects botox for a price to patrons.


Microdermabrasion is a facial procedure in which a specialized wand is used to help clean and exfoliate the skin. Laser hair removal is also popular because it is painless, and a majority of persons who undergo it do not find the need to shave certain body parts anymore.

Plastic Surgery Obsession

While there are many cosmetic and plastic surgery options to choose from, it’s still surgery and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, there are those who use cosmetic surgery to cover up for other problems, or use it as an escape. Plastic surgery specialists are trained to start recognizing patients with excessive requests for surgery, and most recently, the recognition of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). This disorder is a mental condition that makes a person think that he or she is ugly and not worthy to be looked at by anyone. Sufferers of BDD usually focus on one feature that they are consistently unhappy with, although to outsiders the feature may be normal. It has usually been thought of as a vanity-driven condition, but it’s the opposite. Their overwhelming sense of ugliness debilitates their social abilities, and many become homebound. BDD sufferers show the highest number of suicides amongst mental conditions, beating out bipolar disorder and clinical depression. Those who use plastic surgery as an answer are always disappointed, as the “problem” never seems to be fixed.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is a wonderful alternative to have for those who feel they’re ready to rejuvenate themselves, or just want to perk things up a bit. As long as patrons recognize that it is a surgery, and work with their plastic surgeon to get the best results, most people will be very pleased with the outcome. Keep in mind that before one chooses to have either a surgical or non-surgical treatment, advice from a medical professional should be sought. Note that there are also side effects that some patients may experience, while others may not. There may be instances when damages are irreversible, so it is recommended that one be familiar with the facility that offers the treatment. . It’s always good to know that plastic surgery is not a necessity, but it’s a “nice to have” option.

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