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Your eyes are by far the most important parts of your body and the most delicate as well. Hence, appropriate care and healthy eye habits are critical to ensure optimal eye health.

Free Eye Health Tips to Keep Eyes Healthy

There are stresses all around in contemporary society, and these stresses put a strain on our eyes. Working in front of the computer, watching long hours of television, reading in poor light, are all factors that affect our vision.

Get adequate sleep

Puffy eyes and dark circles are all a result of inadequate sleep. Most doctors recommend at least 8 hours of rest for an adult and 6-7 hours of sleep for elderly people. If you are the kind who does not get sleep easily try drinking a glass of warm milk before sleeping or listen to some soothing music or maybe try reading a book. These will help in relaxing the muscles and ultimately getting good sleep.

Foods for Eye Health

Green vegetables have plenty of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A and Iron which are essential for the healthy functioning of the eyes. You can regularly inculcate these vegetables and fruits in your diet in the form of salads or even as a main course in your meals. Yellow colored fruits such as Papaya, Mango etc. are also said to be good for the eyes.

Good eye health begins at home by consuming a nutritious diet. Carrots are notorious for aiding vision with the use of their beta-carotene components. Carrots are actually known for improving one’s night vision, which is very useful as we all drive at night at some point. Getting your eyes checked regularly can prevent glaucoma, an eye disease that robs vision as a result of damage to the optic nerve.

However, to get optimum health for your eyes, your diet should consist of avoiding foods that contain MSG, as these have shown to cause glaucoma, take magnesium to help the blood flow to the eyes, eat raw garlic to keep your body chemistry in balance, and consume beta-carotene and vitamin E and A together, as they all compliment each other and help each other get broken down properly.

Eye Health Reading

Read in sufficient light. If you love reading books and do not have adequate lighting around you then your eyes will suffer. Ideally, a light source should fall on your left side over the book. This way, your eye muscles will be relaxed and it will prevent undue strain on the eyes.

Looking at the computer

If you have to look at the computer on a regular basis and for extended periods then you need to take frequent breaks. Try and look away from the computer at an object at least 4 feet away and then concentrate on it. This exercise is said to strengthen the eye muscles and keeps them in good health. Also blink your eyes more often to lubricate the eye tissue better.

Eye relaxants

If you are in a profession which requires you to be in front of a computer then it can place strain on your eyes. There are many, store bought under eye gels and creams which you can apply to soothe the under eye area. You can also use homemade ingredients such as cool cucumber slices, eye drops or splash plenty of water into your eyes every few hours. This way, your eyes will remain fresh and will not feel tired.

Regular checkups

It is essential that you consult your eye doctor on a regular basis, once every 3 months or so. If your eye power has increased then you might need spectacles or contact lenses to prevent any further increase. If you have been getting headaches of late or experiencing a blurring of vision then it is time to get your eyes checked in an eye clinic. If you already wear spectacles or have contact lenses make sure to keep them clean and well maintained regularly. Wipe your spectacles with a clean and soft tissue cloth to remove traces of dirt and dust. Always soak your lenses in the recommended solution for the specified time frame.

Childrens Eye Health

It’s also important for children and teenagers who are starting to lose their sight to not be ashamed of it, but face it and get glasses. Self-esteem is an issue for a lot of kids, and many feel that getting glasses will render them a target for verbal abuse from their peers. But nowadays there are many designer frames for children, that it really starts to feel like a fashion accessory as opposed to a necessary apparatus to see.

Certain Environmental conditions also make vision progressively worse for people. Watching television with poor light, working on the computer too close for long hours, and reading with minimal lighting, all cause the eyes to work extra hard to focus on the task at hand. However, this extra stress will eventually develop into blurriness, redness, and dryness due to decrease in blinking. It’s essential and necessary for your eyes to get a break from the stress. Every twenty minutes, take a twenty-minute break for your eyes to recuperate. Also, adjust your working and living conditions around you to maintain the health of your eyes, such as brighter lighting for working areas, subdued lighting when watching television – don’t watch in the dark.

Human Eye Health Problems

There are disorders in which objects are not seen as clearly as the eye should. This can be attributed to certain abnormalities with the ability of the abovementioned parts to focus or refract the light rays. These conditions can be corrected using prescription glasses or contact lenses. Some examples of these eye health vision problems are: nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.


Nearsightedness occurs when the light passing through the lens is focused at a point in front of the retina. In short, the image is not reflected on the projection screen at the back of the eye. People who have this problem often have to put items close to their faces when they want to read them, as a certain distance away from the eyes creates blurred text. This can be corrected with concave lenses.


On the other hand, farsightedness is when the focal point of the eye lens is at the back of the retina. Some persons have to put a piece of paper or a book at arm’s length in order for them to read it properly. This can be corrected using convex lenses.


Astigmatism is a condition in which the lens is unable to focus the rays of light at all. No clear image is reflected on the projector screen which is the retina. As a method of correcting this condition, eyeglass lenses with uneven curvatures are prescribed.

Eye Disease : Glaucoma and Cataracts

Eye Treatment

For those with common vision loss such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (distorted vision when looking at objects at any distance), there are options of getting laser eye surgery to correct the problem. But it is a medical procedure, and should be taken seriously when considering this option. Although the benefits are wonderful and freeing, patients must be made aware as with any surgery, there are risks. The most serious is corneal infection, after all, your eye is being manipulated, scanned, cut, probed with a laser, and so it’s only natural for your eye to react to the invasiveness. However, most people recuperate well, and regain most of their vision after a period of one to two weeks of healing.

Eye information

According to physics, light particles tend to scatter. Some theories believe that light moves in waves, and there are methods by which it can be focused or directed. In the case of vision, in order for our eyes to see our surroundings, the scattered particles of light should be focused to a certain receiving point, which is they eye. This can be done via light-bending or refraction, which is done by specific portions of the eye.

Vision is the number one sense that people are afraid of losing. Understandably your whole world totally changes and blackens in front of you, and you’re forced to learn to live your life in darkness. Blindness is a terrifying reality for thousands of people every year, which unfortunately affects children as well.

Here is a short description of some of the basic parts of the eyeball. Assuming that a beam from a flashlight is directed to the eye, it passes through the cornea, the curved portion on the surface of the eyeball. The cornea refracts the light and transmits it to the lens. The lens then refracts the light further and transmits it to the back of the eyeball, where a sort of projector screen is present. The focusing action done by the lens helps to merge all the light rays into one specific point. This is the retina. The image received by the retina is transmitted to the optic nerve, and sent to the brain for processing. This is how the directed beam from the flashlight is seen.

Vision is a very important human sense, and it’s essential that it be not abused by being exposed constantly to the harsh elements of our society. Treat your eyes well, and they will treat you well.

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