One of the most serious problems facing the human population today is the issue on health. The current world clock states that there are over 6 billion humans inhabiting the planet today. Unknown by many, a huge percentage of that number are of people who live with disease. We are aware that most of the causes of disease today are by man-made products, such as pollutants and chemicals. Along with that fact is that more and more people are becoming sedentary, which contributes to lack of exercise, obesity, and further health problems.

To tackle this predicament, many health professionals integrate fitness activities along with medical treatments. As the body ages, the organ systems tend to become less efficient, and when this scenario is coupled with poor diet and inactivity, a patient becomes more prone to diseases. Fitness is more than just for losing weight or for competitive athletes. Rather it should be a lifestyle choice that all people should learn to adopt, no matter what age they are in.

Mind Fitness

Fitness is necessary for the healthy working of the mind. Other than ones body fitness is also a state of the mind. It is a proven fact that the deeds of mind and body are interconnected. If there is mismatch in the functioning of the of the body and mind, it creates a lot of fitness problems for us, especially for the mind. It is essential to leave the mind free from all the troubles as mind is the overall working factor and the decision maker of the body. This makes it necessary to keep the health of the mind a premium factor before venturing into any fitness regime.

Body Fitness

The other main aspect of the fitness of the person is the fitness of the body. Unlike mind the fitness of body is essential to keep a good metabolism and a good out look. Maintaining a healthy life is essential for us to have a good life and interest to work. The fitness of the body helps in the better blood circulation and the health of the organs which in turn helps to keep the body in shape and improves the immune system of the body. Keeping a body fit is essential to make the body flexible which will help a person to take interest in sports and other every day activities and keeping one active.

Some of the parameters that physical therapists and sports medicine experts use to measure the fitness of a person include: cardiovascular health, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and body composition. In clinical tests, patients are made to undergo specific tests to determine how fit a person can be given these parameters. These measures of fitness help doctors as well as their patients select an exercise regimen that can be used on a daily basis.

Cardiovascular health refers to the overall well-being of the heart and lungs. This can also be synonymous to endurance, or how much strenuous activity the body can sustain without causing strain to the cardiovascular system. This aspect of fitness can be improved by regular workouts that help elevate the heart rate, such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and other sports activities. Muscular strength is likewise improved by regular exercise along with proper diet and weight training.

Flexibility can be achieved by regular stretching and calisthenics activities. Contrary to common belief, not all thin people are flexible, because it is an aspect of the body that can be developed. Balance, on the other hand, depends also on the internal health of the body, but can also be tapped and improved over practice.

Body composition refers to fat content, which can be measured depending on the height and weight of a person. For a specific height of an individual, there should be a normal range of fat content. This helps nutritionists determine who is underweight, overweight, or obese. Body composition can be altered by better diet choices and exercise. Know more about these fitness parameters, or consult your doctor about them

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are also new day fitness methods like Yoga and meditation.

Fitness Techniques

People usually don’t have enough time to work on their fitness. At the same time the eventual concept of hardworking related to fitness makes people less interested in keeping their body fit. So they have to think of simple techniques to remain fit. Instead of going to the gymnasium, they can try simple fitness methods like walking or jogging.

There should be a good balance between diet and the exercises that a person does. So for an extensive exercise that you do, you need to supplement it with the nutritious diet that you take. This does not mean that you can make your choice over the exercises and the diet you should be having. When you start a dedicated work out program it is a must that you should consult a physician to analyze your fatigue limits and the supplementary diet that you should be taking to avoid it.

These days there is an increased awareness for keeping fit and having a healthy life. In a fast paced life like today, we should endeavor to find time for our self and to keep ourselves fit mentally and physically. This can save a lot of your efforts on some other day.

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