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The endocrine system serves its function of producing hormones and distributing them throughout the organs and parts of the body via the bloodstream. Hormones are chemical substances produced by glands, and there are dozens of different kinds of hormones present in the human body. Each type of hormone is specific to a task, whether it is for reproductive health, maintenance of cell processes, and regulation of the body conditions such as temperature, pH, and others.

Men and women have different sets of sex hormones. As an adolescent reaches the stage of puberty, his or her hormones work differently for the development of secondary sexual characteristics. For teenage girls, they begin to develop larger breasts, hairs on the underarms and genital area, and wider hips. They also enter their menstrual cycle, as well as experiences changes in the pitch of the voice. These occur through the action of female-specific hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

For teenage boys, as they mature and develop, they also grow hairs on their underarms, genital areas, and on their faces. Voices become deeper and the Adam’s apple becomes more prominent. The shoulders become broader, and there may be sudden increase in height. These secondary sexual characteristics of males during puberty are caused by the action of androgen and testosterone.

Hormones are very essential in preparing an individual to be capable of producing offspring. This is why certain hormones are dictated by nature to be specific only for men or for women. However, there are some individuals who opt to undergo gender replacement procedures. In short, there are men who wish to become women, and women who want to change themselves into men.

How do hormones play a role in this scenario? The wonders of the medical practice have found ways of altering the gender of a person, according to his or her sexual preference. Sex change procedures may be surgical or non-surgical, and there are certain people who are willing to invest money in order for them to have their complete transformations.

A woman who wants to become a man may opt to have a mastectomy, or the surgical excision of both breasts. She can also take hormone treatments, especially testosterone doses, so her voice becomes more masculine and her facial hairs become more prominent. Aside from that, the action of the male hormone causes the cessation of her menstrual cycle.

For a male who wishes to undergo a gender transformation, there is surgery for the removal of the organs of the male reproductive system. He can also have breast augmentation and removal of the Adam’s apple. Hormone pills containing estrogens help change the voice tone of a male, as well as help him develop more feminine characteristics such as facial features.

Hormones that augment acetylcholine are vital for health. Each of us loses different hormones at different rates, so we must monitor our hormone levels and supplement them as necessary. While the hormones listed at right are necessary for all of us, an acetylcholine nature will naturally use these more rapidly; and therefore require more supplementation. As with prescription medications, all issues related to hormone replacement must be resolved in conjunction with a medical doctor. Specific conditions, and acetylcholine hormones related to them, include:

• Appetite control
• Fluid retention
• Kidney failure, anemia
• Lethargy
• Memory loss, muscle loss
• Metabolic disorders
• Osteoporosis

Each of us experiences a decline in hormone levels at different times in our lives and at different rates, so we must monitor our hormones levels and supplement them under a doctor’s direction as necessary. While the hormones listed below are necessary for all of us, a serotonin nature will feel more out of sorts as the body naturally depletes them, and therefore will require more supplementation. For example, the hormone progesterone is vital for everyone’s health, but especially if you are a serotonin type experiencing a deficiency. Progesterone deficiencies are linked to depression, diminished libido, weight gain, diabetes, osteoporosis and immune system disorders all of which are also serotonin issues. Natural hormones that can aid a serotonin deficiency include:

• Adenosine
• Human growth hormone
• Leptin
• Pregnenolone
• progesterone

Each of the four primary neurotransmitters has a characteristic hormone associated with it. When a particular biochemical becomes deficient, the hormone comes in to take its place. For example, the body naturally increases production of cortisol when there is a dopamine imbalance. Made in the adrenal glands, cortisol regulates blood pressure and cardiovascular function as well as the body’s use of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Cortisol is the back up adrenaline hormone, so that when you are under stress, your cortisol levels increase. Your pulse quickens, you become red-faced, and your blood pressure goes up.

It is also true that as we age, we lose the ability to produce hormones in the amounts and rates required for optimal health. When these drop-offs occur we must supplement our own hormone levels. Human growth hormone is available in injectable form and is very expensive. A less expensive alternative is to augment existing human growth hormone with amino acid products such as creatine and arginine. All of the following natural hormones help increase voltage and provide energy to the brain. As with prescription medications, all issues related to hormone replacement must be addressed in conjunction with a medical doctor.

Hormones associated with the memory function include human growth hormone, vasopressin, and pregnenolone, as well as estrogen and testosterone.

Women can experience different types of memory problems then men due to influence of estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones. Estrogen receptors are present in several regions of the brain involved in memory and attention, including the temporal and frontal lobes. These receptors activate processes beneficial to our ability to think. Estrogen deficits leading to cognitive issues can be differentiated from other conditions through careful review of your medication history and an exam. If in fact you are experiencing memory loss due to a lack of estrogen, a personalized hormonal regimen can be constructed for you. Just as with prescription medications, it is important to be under the watchful care of a physician while taking hormones.

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