Staying Young

Since Ponce de Leon’s quest for the Fountain of Youth, the history of man has recorded numerous attempts at finding eternal life or preserving longevity. Not all people are prepared and ready to accept growing old and nearing the end of their lives. In the past, those who believed in the perpetuation of youth were among the isolated few and were looked upon with suspicion by the many; in the present, the great majority desire to perpetuate their youth, and most of these believe it is possible. This change of thought is due to two great causes: first, we are fast eliminating the term “impossible” from our vocabulary, and second, we have made several important discovering in the chemical life both physical and metaphysical of the human system.

Everybody says aging is inevitably a part of life. It is unavoidable, and should be accepted. Persons who age tend to become more susceptible to sickness, aches, and minor conditions. They are also prone to hair loss, memory lapses, or changes in behavior. Their skin tone changes, with wrinkles becoming more apparent. Scientific research has found stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, heart failure, and other potentially serious diseases to be linked or associated with aging. This data does not, however, indicate that all persons who reach a certain age are likely to acquire these diseases.

Is staying young a possible feat in human society? How does a person stay young? Tempting and opportunistic as the thought may be, humans are not created by evolution to be perpetual organisms. The billions of cells that comprise the human body have a programmed lifespan. Staying young is not entirely possible as of the present, but the ability to prolong life is a known fact in the field of medicine. At the present time, because of modern medical advances, staying young is not only possible in stories or fiction, but closely becoming a reality.

Cosmetic surgery is a very popular choice for many. Initially intended for repairing physical abnormalities or certain skin diseases, cosmetic surgery now serves more people who undergo it for aesthetic reasons. Wrinkles are more obvious as one ages, and there are now treatments that improve the facial appearance for a more youthful look. Facelifts involve making incisions on certain parts of the head near the hairline, and pulling the skin to tighten it. Botox injections work in a similar way for skin tightening, but are non-surgical and are easier to perform.

Aside from medical treatments, there are actually cost-effective and simpler ways of maintaining youthful energy, no matter what age you may be in. A well-balanced diet, coupled with an alcohol-free and cigarette-free lifestyle keeps a person healthy and allows him to live longer. Moderate and regular physical activity is ideal for seniors, as this maintains cardiovascular endurance and increases the body’s immunity to diseases.

Nobody can truly claim to be able to stay young, but the choices and habits that he follows throughout life can determine how well he can enjoy the rest of his life. Learn about more ways to keep fit despite aging, and see how you can live happier for longer.

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