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The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is a common concern for many individuals today. Because the human population is constantly exposed to pollutants and stressful factors, there is a need to strengthen the body and prevent diseases from kicking in. Aside from that, the reversal of the effects of ageing is constantly being attempted by many, through the use of surgery, new diets, and new exercise routines. Weight loss is one of the most popular reasons why people go into fitness regimens and diets.

Obesity is the condition by which the body accumulates excessive amounts of fat. Although fat is an essential part of every diet, as it helps provide insulation and energy for the body, too much of it is a health hazard. People who are sedentary and lack physical activity are often at risk for obesity as well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are very much concerned that millions of Americans, both young and old, are obese to morbidly obese. In a recent Yahoo! News release in 2007, Memphis, Tennessee is said to be the most obese city in America, where Birmingham, Alabama and San Antonio, Texas follow closely behind.

Weight Loss: the common myths doing the rounds!

If you thought weight loss was more about dieting and avoiding carbohydrates then think again. If you thought that crunches could help you sculpt those perfect six pack abs then think again. Most weight loss issues are shrouded in mystery. If you want to stick to the real facts and avoid those myths then read on to know more!

Crunches do not get your stomach flatter!

Most people who are on the path to weight loss perform hundreds of crunches in a day hoping their stomachs will flatten. However, this is a futile attempt as most modern research shows that crunches will only tone the abs. What this means is that crunches are best performed when all the fat on your abdomen has melted. Thus, cardio is the first step to losing all this fat. For effective weight loss around the midriff region you need to invest time in intensive cardio sessions and proper, healthy diet. Only when the fat has dissolved will crunches help to show the underlying muscles.

Low carb diet: not the best weight loss method

Another popular myth doing the rounds is that investing in only a protein rich diet and a zero carbohydrates diet will ensure effective weight loss. There is a reason Mother Nature has provided us an abundance of diverse food groups like fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium etc. While an excessive amount of carbohydrates in the diet could slow down one’s weight loss goals a certain amount is required for sustaining energy levels in the body. Indulging on only proteins such as lean meats is a good choice but it should also be supplemented by other food groups like dairy, fats, leafy greens, fiber, cereals etc. So, stay away from all those zero carbohydrate diets that promise you ultimate weight loss – they are mostly out to get your money!

You need to drink water during exercise

Unlike what many proponents of weight loss will tell you drinking water is vital during exercise. When you are performing strenuous exercises your body loses not only water but also essential electrolytes and substances through sweat. This is why you need to replenish your body fluids by drinking plenty of water. So, whether you are hitting the gym or exercising at home make sure to keep a bottle of water handy!

Rice does not hamper your weight loss

Many people who are serious about their weight loss goals tend to stay away from rice and other starchy foods simply because they believe it stores fatty tissues in the body. However, it all depends on the manner in which you cook your food. If you cook rice in the pressure cooker or in any other closed vessel then the starch accumulates inside the rice which in turn hampers your weight loss objectives. However, if you cook the rice in an open vessel and then drain out the water then your starch intake is drastically reduced. If rice truly caused more weight gain then people in Japan would be the fattest! So, eat a healthy and balanced diet and exercise regularly. This way you can accomplish your weight loss easily.

Weight loss Alternatives

For people who are unable to stick to the conventional weight loss techniques such as diet and exercise, other methods are alternatively considered. Surgery is also suggested by doctors in cases wherein the patient is severely obese or is unable to perform exercise activities. Liposuction is the removal of fat deposits under the skin, and is a common practice for cosmetic surgeons. Gastric bypass surgery is performed on patients who are obese, as this helps curb their appetite and lessen their usual intake of food. In other countries, herbal remedies and other products like creams and lotions are being sold to face the problem of weight loss. However, not all these products have been approved by medical professionals, and should be used with caution.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Yoga for Weight Loss

Weight loss is definitely a challenge to many, but it does not necessarily mean it is an impossible task. However, anybody who wishes to get into a weight loss program should first consult his or her family doctor, or any other health professional. An assessment of the right diets and exercise routines is the first step to successful and safe weight loss.

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